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You can get started as an investor with Hermers Capital here:

The entire account creation and investment process is completed online via the Hermers Capital website. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information, as well as make the necessary acknowledgments electronically.

Should I use my IRA? Yes, you should; but it must be self-directed SEPs, IRAs, and 401K. You should do that as long as you’re the custodian, which simply involves calling them and saying, “Oh, I want to self-direct into a rule defund.” Simply contact the custodian of your IRA, 401k, or set program and inform them that you wish to self-direct as a custodian to invest in real estate. 

As a partner in the LLC that purchases the properties, you will receive a K-1. A K-1 is a tax form used by partnerships to provide investors with detailed information on their share of a partnership’s taxable income. Partnerships are generally not subject to federal or state income tax, but instead issue a K-1 to each investor to report his or her share of the partnership’s income, gains, losses, deductions and credits. The K-1s are provided to investors on an annual basis so that each investor can include K-1 amounts on his or her tax return.

So, this is something thought up by the government, not by me; I would not have made it up in this manner. However, this is what it says.
An accredited investor is someone who receives $200,000 or more a year over the last two years.
 assumes you would have a million dollars in assets, which might be cash, securities, bonds in the equity market, a bank portfolio, or a fixed scheme. Any mix of those, except your primary home, you go to your accountant and ask, “Can you stamp or give Hermers Capital business in recognition that you are an accredited investor?” If you can do that, We will be able to accept your income.

We all start off as unaccredited investors. It’s not a negative term. It simply ensures you earn less than $200,000 a year. You can make $199,999 and you still will be unaccredited. It is just ridiculous. It was a made-up number, but I had to follow certain rules. As a result, give it credit. Two hundred thousand or so, or a million dollars for net assets, non-accredited, everybody else. I began as a non-accredited investor and am now attempting to open a fund for my truck parking lot. 

Yeah, you can invest if you live in another state or another world. You can invest with Hermers Capital, as long as everyone agrees that you are not an alien. That is why we structured the fund in the manner in which we structured foreign investors.  Make an investment in us,  you must have both a US tax concept and a US bank account note. Any investor will be involved in the attacks that are needed to allow for the completion of tax returns in the United States.

The terms of the funds are usually 10 years, and the longer the better. We aim to provide you the best ROI’s and such a period helps us covering inflation and other factors while delivering and meeting our commitments.

That’s a fantastic question. By the way, whoever asks the question, I admire it because it forces you to face the truth of the situation. So, what would happen if I died today? The fund would be closed. The real estate will remain open for business. I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen The property will remain operational and generate cash flow. So, whether I die or retire, the property will continue to generate cash flow as we wait for the right time to sell or refinance it. The capital of Hermers will be preserved. I’m surrounded by a fantastic team who knows how to run this house. Bear in mind that we are now third-party managing, which means we employ 150 staff from a third-party firm to run our properties in the industry. So, even if I die, they will continue to run their company as normal. Although I’m doing this for you, my whole staff, including my family, is aware of the plan and is familiar with the activities and long-term ambitions of real estate in all areas.

When we talk about Hermers own fund into the project, we usually are investing 100% of our funds into the project. We own the project and then we open it to the public to help people get their share in the real estate world. 

Primarily, I will never invest in a REIT dependent on a sheet of paper. If you want to invest in the stock market, go buy stocks, any stock, or real estate, the value of which is the asset. It is a valuable commodity. Regardless of what they tell you, a Reit is just a sheet of paper, a plain piece of paper. It is a sheet of paper with no backing other than the promises on that piece of paper. That is not something I can do with 31 acres of soil. I cannot rip it up. OK, you have made a real estate investment with Hermers Capital. You get all the advantages of a real estate purchase. You get all on the tax benefits of a real estate purchase. You get all the benefits that a real estate owner will receive, plus a K one. It is not a 1099. You get a K one as a partner in the piece of real estate in REIT, just as I do. You have made an investment in a sheet of paper. you have gotten your liquid here; this is what they will teach you. Well, you should get your money whenever you want because the price of the stock fluctuates. You cannot take your money out of this property wherever you want. You might say What are you talking about? Since it is an illiquid commodity, it provides cash flow as we wait for appreciation. So, if you want to be liquid and see the market fluctuate like this, if you want drama in your life, invest in a REIT. If you want to be a partner with me and have peace, respect, and tax benefits, invest with us in Hermers capital.