Our Experts

Vice President of investor relations
Shane Helmker

Prior to joining Hermers Capital, Shane Helmker has owned his own business as a general contractor, doing construction projects in multiple states. He met Felix Perez a few years ago when they worked together on a project, and the two realized that they had a common worldview for investing and had complementary strengths and skill sets to make a great team. Shane started his career working in direct sales, and his sales skills and entrepreneurial attitude have been a source of inspiration for the rest of his career. He is an intuitive, relationship-oriented sales professional who has keen insights into people’s motivations, who knows how to build credibility, and who has a sixth sense for finding viable real estate opportunities, not just by crunching numbers, but by understanding how people work.

Investor Support Specialist
Sylvia Fernandez

Sylvia Fernandez brings more than 22 years of real estate industry experience to Hermers Capital, with special expertise in administration of policies and procedures. Sylvia started her career working at a title company and went on to become a co-founder of her own title business in Miami. She also served for 10 years as a Medical Disability Hearing Officer for the U.S. Social Security Administration in the state of Florida, with extensive training in compliance with regulatory policies and procedures for disability determinations and other related issues. Sylvia’s career experience in positions of financial responsibility and public trust have given her powerful perspectives to better serve Hermers Capital investors and stakeholders. Sylvia earned her Bachelors degree in Liberal Arts from Florida International University.

President of Marketing
Donny Pacheco

Donny Pacheco leads Hermers Capital’s marketing initiatives, including social media and digital marketing. He has experience in sales, social media marketing, inventory management, and customer service in retail and B2B spaces. Donny brings his outgoing personality and keen intuition for customer needs to Hermers Capital to help build stronger business relationships with our investors and stakeholders.

Vice President of Marketing
Natalie Perez

Natalie Perez leads Hermers Capital in results-oriented Marketing Specialist proficient in developing creative marketing collateral for diverse projects. Establishes clear standards and enforces protocols for consistent, high-quality results. Performance-driven Marketing Manager skilled in creating marketing plans and leading successful product launches, promotions and development. Well-versed in SEO content creation, social media audience engagement and brand management.

Katia Fernandez

Demonstrated record of accomplishment in proposing, outlining and writing engaging, fresh content. Logical and methodical with creative eye for details and diligence in producing exceptional work. Well-versed in building interest in readers, marketing books and critically approaching problems. Talented Copywriter leveraging market-savvy acumen in business or consumer trends monitoring and analysis to create new or re-define existing brand strategies. Expert project manager adept at collaborating and coordinating efforts to consistently produce marketing and advertising collateral that drives awareness and profitability for clients.