Our Experts

Hermers Felix Perez

Felix Perez is the CEO and co-founder of Hermers Capital. The child of immigrants, Felix has built a career as a quintessential American entrepreneurial success story, working his way up from driving a lunch truck to offering check-cashing services to owning title companies and investing in rental properties, to today where he leads a national portfolio of commercial real estate investment funds. Felix is a creative, energetic entrepreneur and investor who loves building relationships, uncovering undervalued opportunities, and beating the competition with savvy, hustle, and smarts.

Managing Director
Manny Fernandez

Manny Fernandez is Managing Director of Investments at Hermers Capital, where he manages and oversees the company’s investment platforms and activities. With over 25 years of experience in administrator and operations leader as Division Chief, he also provides mentorship and supervision to Hermers Capital, talented acquisition, and asset management teams by sharing the deep knowledge he has acquired over the years as Division Chief for Miami Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department.

  • Manny’s responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    Managing due diligence for specific closings and collaborating with brokers on purchase and sale documentation.
  • Creating clear and well-informed investment advice by utilizing in-depth research and analysis
  • Compiling regular investment reports and reviews, including quantitative and qualitative portfolio studies.
  • Attending annual meetings, analyzing quarterly financial statements, and keeping abreast of significant valuation or policy changes.
  • Leading the firm’s investment strategy unit.
  • Performing routine administrative duties on all investment files.
  • Managing and preserving current client relationships.

Prior to joining Hermers Capital, Manny Fernandez had a distinguished career as a public administrator and operations leader as Division Chief for Miami Dade Corrections & Rehabilitation Department. He had direct responsibility for managing multiple Corrections facilities and 1,000 corrections staff members and administered multi-million-dollar budgets. Manny has extensive experience in auditing, managing, and implementing regulatory policies and procedures, establishing reporting systems, establishing strategic goals, and enhancing accountability and productivity of operations.

Beatriz Perez

Beatriz Perez leads the finance, accounting and bookkeeping functions for Hermers Capital. She has extensive experience in real estate property management and financial operations, including placing qualified tenants, managing accounts payable and receivable, processing invoices, reconciling accounts, researching possible title issues on properties, managing vendor relationships, and ensuring compliance with regulations.