Hermers Capital was founded and built in accordance with the entrepreneurial spirit, unconventional strategies, and rock-solid values of its CEO,
Hermers “Felix” Perez.


About Us

It’s no exaggeration to say that Felix Perez is a living embodiment of the American Dream. He was a child of immigrants from Cuba who grew up in Miami, Florida from the age of 9, living with his mother in a small apartment. At age 17, Felix started driving his family’s food truck, selling breakfasts and lunches to tourists and workers on their break, waking up every day at 3 a.m. to load the truck and drive the route. By the age of 18, Felix had turned this humble lunch truck into a profitable business that was generating $15,000 a month in revenue.

Felix learned more about entrepreneurship and real estate investments from older mentors and started climbing up the value chain. He got started in cashing checks as a service for his lunch truck customers, then got started in making loans, learned accounting and bookkeeping, and started investing in real estate.

Felix’s entrepreneurial journey has included owning title companies and mortgage companies have invested in residential real estate and rental properties, gold and alternative investments, and has also spent several years learning about and working in the legal cannabis industry in Colorado, which gave him the inspiration and insights to investing in commercial real estate for the cannabis industry.

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Today, Felix is the CEO of Hermers Capital and has built an experienced team of real estate experts with a national portfolio of real estate funds. Felix has come a long way from the lunch truck, but the spirit, strategies, and values that drive his company are still the same.

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The Partners

Hermers Felix Perez

Co-Founder, CEO

Manny Fernandez

Co-Founder, Director Operations

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The Associates

Shane Helmker

Investor Relations Manager

Beatriz Perez

Chief Controller

Sylvia Fernandez

Investor Support Specialist

Donny Pacheco

Chief Marketing Manager

Natalie Perez

Social Media Marketing Manager

Katia Fernandez

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